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Luna Black Bamboo

Introducing our no compromise high-performance mini-monitor, featuring a Custom RAAL True Ribbon Tweeter combined with our exclusive 4.5" SEAS Curv™ woofer and our remarkable low resonance layered bamboo cabinet.

With the continuing success of our remarkable Sierra-2 speakers, it was our goal to take that level of performance and offer it in a stunningly beautiful yet surprisingly tiny cabinet.

The Luna’s versatility is unmatched, crossed at 80Hz and used with a sub, they make terrific main's sounding nearly identical to our Sierra-2. The Luna’s are the perfect surround speaker with any of our ribbon speakers as fronts, or for someone seeking the ultimate desktop monitor. Using the integrated mounting hardware, the Luna’s become the perfect on-wall speaker.

The Luna combines extraordinary dynamics, realism, spaciousness, transparency and detail while doing so with such finesse and refinement that there is never a hint of harshness. Although bass is limited, it is impressive for a speaker this size and there are no issues running them full range. Music and home theater simply sound more realistic, providing a more satisfying emotional connection. We must warn you though, once you have heard what these true ribbon tweeters are capable of, there simply is no turning back…

arrow 30-day satisfaction guarantee arrow 7-year warranty arrow Assembled & Tested in the USA

Standard finish options and pricing:

Satin Espresso: $1148 /pair $588 /center
Satin Dark Cherry: $1148 /pair $588 /center
Natural: $1148 /pair $588 /center
Satin Black Bamboo: $1148 /pair $588 /center
Black Matte: $1148 /pair $588 /center

$32 flat rate shipping per pair to continental US addresses

$24 flat rate shipping per center to continental US addresses

Please use the following links for ordering:

Luna pair Luna center

Note: These are our domestic finishes which match the finishes of our Towers, Horizons and domestically made Sierra-1 and Sierra-2 cabinets.

Luna Satin Espresso

With the major success and continual overwhelmingly positive customer feedback for our Sierra-2 speakers, we began heavy research into seeing what we could achieve in trying to offer that level of performance in a much smaller and more placement-versatile speaker.

It was an easy decision to use the same custom RAAL ribbon tweeter used in our Sierra-2, but we needed a woofer that would provide similar dynamics and performance to the exceptional woofer we use in our Sierra-2, only it needed to be quite a bit smaller. Our requirements were simple, but yet nothing existed, at least not just yet.

Much like with the development of the Sierra-2 woofer, and taking full advantage of our relationship with SEAS of Norway, the process began. We quickly learned that woofer design becomes exponentially more difficult as size decreases. We went through more prototypes for this woofer than we have for any other transducer we have ever had made for us. After slightly over a year, and just when we thought we were going to have to take a different approach – SEAS nailed it.

The Luna woofer features:

  • long-throw design for high power handling and extended bass
  • exceptionally large magnet system combined with a symmetrical driving force
  • specially designed high loss natural rubber surround to improve damping and resonance control, critical for smaller cones.
  • SEAS’s exclusive SpiderRing® technology improves suspension alignment for higher long term reliability, improved power handling and improved mechanical linearity
  • Injection molded cast frame for a stiffer basket frame combined with large windows allowing for less material behind the woofer cone reducing back-wave reflections for enhanced detail, better airflow and less cavity resonance
  • vented pole-piece and open spider for enhanced air-flow and cooling, minimizing compression artifacts
  • SEAS Curv™ cone technology that is extremely low mass, stiff, and provides exceptional self-damping

Combined with an advanced crossover and all housed into a stunningly beautiful FEA and advanced 3d CAD designed Made-In-The-USA layered bamboo cabinet, these speakers beg to be both heard and seen!

The Luna has exceptionally wide and linear horizontal dispersion thus it presents a shockingly large and enveloping soundstage, even in large rooms. Its performance belies its small size in such a way that in our many public auditions of the Luna’s, listeners continually throw out comments stating “these speakers sound so much bigger than they are”.

Hand assembled, tested and packaged in the USA, we are so confident of the component and build quality of the Luna that we are backing it by a comprehensive 7 year parts & labor warranty. Left / right pairs are matched by hand to within ± 1dB and we are including a printout of the actual production line response measurements of each speaker. We dare say it, but you simply can not find this type of quality control, care and pride from products that are fully assembled and tested in overseas manufacturing facilities.

Follow the development of the Luna from beginning to end: Luna Development

We thank you for your interest!