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CMT-340 SE Intro

"The first thing I noticed was the mids. Voices sound so clear, and I might add - there is a realism to the voices that I have not heard on any speaker. I have auditioned many in the past. The voice sounds very natural from these speakers. I too noticed details that I had previously not noticed. For instance, "Sheryl Crow's "Weather Channel", you can hear her breathe in at the intro... you can hear the smack of her lips as she opens her mouth to sing the first line! I was amazed."
-Jerry L
CMT-340 SE Speaker

After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding our 340 center, it made perfect sense to create a version specifically designed for left / right channel usage. Our new SE version offers even better performance and is perhaps the most performance per dollar loudspeaker ever introduced.

With dual 6.5" woofers and a high performance tweeter, all controlled by an advanced crossover network, this new loudspeaker is our very best.

Featuring exceptionally wide horizontal dispersion for true room filling sound, smooth crisp highs and tight lows and a slim well damped cabinet. Few loudspeakers, if any, can compete at anywhere near this price point.

arrow The heart of our 340 main is its advanced bi-wireable crossover, featuring only the finest crossover materials including polyester-film bypass capacitors, air-core inductors and gold plated binding posts.

arrow This crossover network features optimizations to control and enhance both vertical and horizontal dispersion, for a truly deep and multi-layered soundstage.

CMT-340 SE Speaker Crossover
CMT-340 SE
Crossover Network
CMT-340 SE Speaker Tweeter
CMT-340 SE Tweeter

arrow Our new high-definition 27mm soft dome tweeter features a chambered magnet assembly and wide roll surround for extremely low distortion. A ferrofluid cooled voice coil provides improved damping and higher power handling. The wide dispersion faceplate creates a deep 3-dimensional soundstage

arrow In order to reproduce the intense dynamics and loud volumes needed for reference level reproduction in large rooms, we used two of our composite polygel woofers.

arrow For tight and deep bass, the 340 SE features an internally flared rear port. The internal flare greatly reduces port noise.