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CMT-340 SE Intro
Note: images to right shown with optional pedestal stands

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CMT-340 SE SUMMARY...   
CMT-340 SE Speaker

The Results?

An incredibly transparent and open sounding front soundstage capable of filling the most demanding rooms with clean and accurate 2 channel music or home theater.

Combine with our CMT-340 SE center for a truly seamless front soundstage.

CMT-340 SE Speaker

The natural progession of our renowned CBM-170, the 340 SE mains will astonish you with their startling lifelike dynamics, exceptionally wide and deep soundstage and refined yet detailed presentation of live music.

Common full range tower speakers have an appealing look but sacrifice midrange and high frequency performance in order to deliver deep bass. In a quality home theater system, subwoofers are required and reproduce low frequency information far superior to 99% of all tower speakers. With a full range tower speaker, why pay for bass twice and sacrifice the critical midrange and high frequency performance? Our 340 SE mains are the ideal home theater solution, a new class of loudspeaker! We like to call it our 'mini-tower'.

With an advanced tweeter, dual 6.5" polygel woofers, high efficiency and remarkable performance, we feel we have once again set the standard for affordable and uncompromising high performance.