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Use with our matching pedestal stands to create the look of a tower speaker, with the accurate midrange and high frequency performance of a high end bookshelf loudspeaker

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CMT-340 High Performance Loudspeaker

Uncompromising Performance, Our Best Value

"These speakers’ levels of design, capability, and refinement far exceed what could previously be expected from this price range. Those considering buying far more expensive speakers would be well advised not to ignore the Ascends simply because of their low prices; you could be passing up one of the great speaker bargains of all time." -Jeff Van Dyne, HomeTheaterSound

"I went slackjawed…I was struck immediately by the 340s articulate sound, with a detailed, airy presentation I’ve only thought possible with much more expensive speakers." -Clarke Robinson, Affordable Audio

Equally adept at both music and movies, our 340 SE mains were designed for use in larger rooms where high volume capabilities and wide dispersion are necessary requirements.

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$60 flat rate ground shipping
5 year warranty
30-day satisfaction guarantee

CMT-340 SE Speaker CMT-340 SE Speaker CMT-340 SE Speaker CMT-340 SE Speaker

Hand assembled and tested in the USA
High efficiency and high power handling
Exceptionally wide horizontal dispersion
Suitable for large room installations
Dual 6.5" Long throw composite polygel woofers
Advanced 27mm wide dispersion soft dome tweeter
High flow internally flared rear port tube
Dense MDF cabinet featuring internal shelf bracing
Full magnetic shielding for safe placement next to a TV
Based on our award-winning CBM-170 technology
Bi-wireable crossover w/gold plated binding posts
Use with our custom stands for that tower speaker look
CMT-340 SE Speaker