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Sierra Tower Intro
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Sierra Tower Satin Espresso

Introducing our New Flagship Loudspeaker
Featuring our Exclusive Low Resonance
Layered Bamboo Cabinet and NrT Dome

"The midrange on the a main event. Inner detail is fantastic even on large-ensemble recordings, and they are free from distortion and retain a hefty amount of dynamic headroom when played at spirited levels." -Enjoy the

Combining exceptional dynamics with high levels of detail and a smooth and musical presentation, the Sierra Tower has been designed to transport you into the concert venue, recording studio or Movie Theater.

Equally adept at music and home theater, this speaker is extremely neutral and balanced, reproducing the source material accurately with the ability to convey emotion.

We are pleased to announce that the Sierra Tower is now in full production and unless otherwise noted, most orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days.

Please use this link to order: Sierra Tower

New - All Towers Now Feature Magnetic Grilles!

Standard finish options and pricing:
Tweeter = NrT dome

Black Matte: $2498/pr includes black matte base
Satin Espresso: $2598/pr includes satin black base
Satin Dark Cherry: $2598/pr includes satin black base
Satin Black Bamboo: $2598/pr satin black base
Natural: $2598/pr includes satin black base

Custom finish options:
We have the capability for many different types of finishes. Please send us an email or call to discuss

Optional ribbon tweeter upgrade:
Featuring our Custom RAAL 70-20xr with AM Core Transformer

Add $700 per pair

Detailed information about the RAAL ribbon tweeter upgrade

$136 Flat Rate Ground shipping per pair to continental US addresses. Shipped one speaker per box

Sierra Ribbon Tower Satin Dark Cherry
optional ribbon upgrade

In theory, our goals for this loudspeaker were quite simple, create a compact floorstanding loudspeaker with performance that rivals and even surpasses some of the most highly regarded loudspeakers at any price. Our Sierra-1 bookshelf has proven to be a huge success and far exceeded our expectations with regard to happy customers and positive reviews. Thousands of pairs later, there can be no doubt that our design formula works so our direction was clear – turn the Sierra-1 into a full range floorstanding loudspeaker while also improving upon every performance aspect.

A full 2 ½ years later, we are proud to formally introduce our flagship product...

Featuring our exclusive fully custom neodymium ring magnet tweeter built for us by SEAS, the NrT provides high frequency extension to 28kHz with exceptional transient response.  It provides crisp and airy highs with effortless dynamics and many layers of detail. 

Our midrange driver is housed in its own dedicated critically damped sealed enclosure within the cabinet and is designed to reproduce the critical midrange response.  By isolating the midrange from the rest of the drivers, intermodulation distortion is greatly reduced and detail and separation between individual instruments is greatly improved.

Our dual 5 ¼” long throw woofers handle the low end but don’t let the small size fool you, these woofers provide exceptionally tight and accurate bass reproduction well into the mid 30Hz range.  Bass and mid-bass response are well balanced with surprising punch.  The woofers hit hard and dig deep when required, but due to low stored energy and very low inductance levels, they can also be detailed and subtle when need be, without glossing over the subtle notes that large diameter higher mass woofers can often miss. 

All this combined in our exclusive minimal resonance layered bamboo cabinet and the results speak for themselves… This is a loudspeaker that simply must be heard to describe.

And for those that seek the ultimate in transparency and detail, we are pleased to offer an optional ribbon tweeter upgrade featuring what is widely considered to be one of the world’s best true ribbon tweeters, our own custom version of the outstanding RAAL 70-20XR with an Amorphous core transformer.

Our flagship product and a new performance standard – the Sierra Tower.

Hand assembled, tested and packaged in the USA, we are so confident of the component and build quality of the Sierra Tower that we are backing it by a comprehensive 7 year parts & labor warranty.  Left / right pairs are matched by hand to within ± 1dB and we are including a printout of the actual production line response measurements of each speaker.  We dare say it, but you simply can not find this type of quality control, care and pride from products that are fully assembled and tested in overseas manufacturing facilities.

At Ascend, it is all about performance and we have found a unique way to offer exceptional natural beauty that also offers documented performance improvements.  Now you can have that renowned Ascend performance AND good looks, all in a product that represents the very best of what we have to offer while joining the growing trend towards environmental responsibility.

For more information, please visit the Tower info in our Forum.

We thank you for your interest!