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Current Specials

Jul 2019 - Introducing the Sierra-2EX!
It's finally here. Our customers asked for it and we delivered in typical Ascend fashion. Massive performance - the new performance benchmark!

Oct 2018 - Introducing the Sierra Luna!
We are most pleased to announce that our exciting new high-performance mini-monitor is finally in full production!

Feb 2014 - Meet the Sierra-2!
From initial concept to release, learn about our exciting new loudspeaker featuring a custom RAAL true ribbon tweeter and a custom 6" SEAS Curv woofer.

March 2012 - Our first Sierra Tower Pro-Review!
"So how do the new Towers sound? In a word, spectacular. In more than one word, the Sierra Towers seriously kick out the jams. They take every aspect of the Sierra-1's sound and turn it up a notch...delivering a weighty, front-row presentation that begs to be cranked up loud."-Clarke Robinson, Enjoy the

Nov 2011 - Sierra Towers in production!
We are pleased to announce that our incredible new Sierra Towers are back in production. The cabinets are being built right now so please give us a call or send an email to reserve your pair.

Nov 2011 - Sierra-1 NrT back in stock!
Bring your Sierra-1 to the next level of performance. Read the entire story and determine if this upgrade is right for you. Available quantities are very limited right now so please give us a call or send us an email to inquire. DIY NrT upgrade kits are currently $190 per speaker + shipping or order a brand new factory assembled pair of Sierra-1 NrT for an additional $150 per speaker.

Aug 2009 - And still another glowing Sierra-1 review...
"As the hours went by, I became aware this was a high performance monitor that was punching way, way above its weight class. The amount of musical detail being presented was quite startling." -Andre Marc, Audio Video

05/27/09 - We've Moved!!!

10/30/08 - We are pleased to announce our patnership with Rythmik Audio!
Through an exlusive arrangement, we proudly introduce their new line of Direct Servo subwoofers.

Jun 2007 - Our CMT-340 SE win a Reviewers' Choice Award from Soundstage!, part of the SoundStage! network, reviews a complete 5 channel system featuring our 340 SE mains. This is a wonderful review highlighting some of the advanced new features of our SE models.

04/10/07 - We are now offering Ultralink premium speaker cable.
Through an exclusive arrangement and continuing with our tradition of offering the highest sound quality at affordable prices, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering true audiophile-quality Ultralink speaker cable. Available in pre-terminated lengths or 14 gauge 4 conductor by the foot.

Apr 2007 - Another glowing review, this time from Affordable Audio.
Read Clarke Robinson's wonderful review of our 340 SE, featuring an exclusive interview with the company founder!

Sep 2006 - Our first 340 SE pro-review is in.
See what Hollywood sound editor Michael Hertlein had to say.

Jan 2006 - New Signature Edition models now shipping!
It has been a long time coming... and we are pleased to announce that our new Signature Edition CBM-170 and CMT-340 loudspeakers are now in full production and shipping.

These exciting new models feature wider bandwidth, lower distortion and even greater levels of our renowned accuracy and transparency. New features include:

  • High-definition low distortion tweeters from world-renowned high-end manufacturer, SEAS.

  • New and improved woofers capable of deeper and faster bass with lower distortion and higher power handling capability.

The same great Ascend sound... only better! Please click here to read more.

May 2005 - We've moved!
In order to better serve our rapidly growing customer base, we have moved into a much larger facility with over 2 1/2 times the space of our previous location. Please note our new address:

Ascend Acoustics, Inc.
1842 W 169th St. Suite B
Gardena, CA 90247

Phone and fax numbers remain the same.

Our new facility will allow us to improve our production efficiency, increase storage and most importantly, greatly expand our renowned on-site engineering capabilities.

July 2004 - Another Award Winning Review!
Our CBM/CMT 5 channel system received a 2004 Reviewers' Choice Award from the good folks at Home Theater Sound. This is now our second Reviewers' Choice Award!

June 2004 - Welcome to our new website!
We are proud to introduce our new website. This is still a work in progress so please be patient and excuse any errors you might come across.

May 2004 - We've got a new Logo!
We have a brand new great looking logo. Special thanks to all those who contributed their thoughts and ideas. Click to download a hires image.

Jan 2004 - CBM-170 receives year end award at CES!
Consumer Electronics Show 2004, Las Vegas, NV, January 9, 2004 - Continuing in their tradition of rave reviews and numerous awards, factory direct loudspeaker manufacturer Ascend Acoustics, Inc. wins the Soundstage Networks' Year-End Budget Leader Award for their renowned audiophile quality bookshelf speaker, the CBM-170.

11/15/2003 - CBM-170 Awarded GoodSound!.com's Great Buy Award!
This is another great review of our highly regarded CBM-170 loudspeaker. Jeffrey Van Dyne concludes the review with a quote that we feel best summarizes our beloved CBM-170, "It represents, in my opinion, the state of the art of budget loudspeakers."

1/28/03 - CBM-170 Awarded's 2002 Choice Award!
With 45+ 5 star out of 5 star consumer reviews, it was without hesitation that granted our renowned loudspeaker this prestigious award. We sincerely thank our many customers for leaving these wonderful reviews.

11/26/02 - Wall mount brackets now available for CBM-170 speakers!
We know many of you have been waiting for these for a while and we are pleased to say they are finally here. We have made arrangements to offer Omnimount brand series 20 brackets which fully integrate with our CBM-170 speakers and can easily support their weight. Visit our accessories page to have a look.

11/17/02 - Our extensive website update has begun!
Along with other minor improvements, you will immediately notice the new and improved navigation system as well as sharper graphic images and faster load times. Well, that's not all we plan. We will soon have a new shopping cart system and stay tuned for a few exciting new features. This update process is long and arduous so we apologize in advance for any unintentional problems that always seem to occur.

5/7/02 - Hsu Research's new VTF-3 subwoofer now available.
This new subwoofer is Hsu's best and will impress even the most discerning audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. Send us an email at if you are interested in a complete package with this new sub or if you wish to upgrade your existing Ascend system.

3/18/02 - Performance speaker cable now available.
Continuing in our tradition of offering the most bang per buck, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering high-quality yet affordable speaker cable. This cable is "Made in the USA" and sounds great with our products. This cable is sold by the foot and is offered at a special sale price for a limited time.

3/14/02 - New measurements posted.
As promised, we have posted the impedance vs. frequency graph of our CBM-170 bookshelf speaker. This graph should help answer the many impedance related questions we receive. Please note, it is very rare that a speaker manufacturer will post this graph as it gives away many design characteristics of the speaker to those who understand and know how to interpret the data. We are very confident in our products and we feel that offering this data further enhances our practice of presenting ALL the technical information available.

Go ahead and try to get this type of information for any loudspeaker available in a retail establishment. Better yet, ask a salesperson if they can explain what an impedance curve is...

2/15/02 - Introducing our new 'Extender' purchase program.
Build your ideal multi-channel system over time with full package price discounting!

1/25/02 - We've moved!
We are pleased to announce that our recent facility move is finally over. We apologize for the major inconvenience this has caused to many of our customers and we truly appreciate your patience. This new facility is considerably larger and we can now finally meet our growing production demands. Please note our new telephone number and address:

Ascend Acoustics, Inc.
16921 S Western Ave. Bldg 111
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 719-9786

This marks our second move within one year and we thank you for the phenomenal growth we have experienced.